Looking to import motorcycles? Read this!

doublertrading - Import motorcyclesIf you have ever watched the famous movie Easy Rider, you may very well be among the many people who dream of one day touring through the wilderness with their own motor cycle. This is no surprise: riding one brings a great sense of freedom and adventure. It allows people to speed down long and windy roads without being encased in glass and aluminium like in a car, bus, train or air plane. All you need is a helmet and some protective clothing, but apart from that you can truly feel one with your surroundings. When riding a motorbike, you can also circumvent several other disadvantages that drivers of many other motorised vehicles have, like traffic jams. Don’t you envy the people on motor cycles just zipping by the long line of cars? In order to be able to drive one safely, you of course need to obtain a special license. Then the next step is to buy a motor cycle, either a new one or a second hand vehicle, that you might want to fix up yourself. It is a pity that these days it is no longer very easy to find a dealer in motor cycles or spare parts near you. This is due to reorganisations in the branch. But fortunately there is another good option: import motorcycles! Of course this can be a complex process, depending on where you import motorcycles to and from. Therefore, it is important that you find a reliable supplier when you import motorcycles. This article can help you find one. A very good option is for instance the Dutch company Double R Trading. They are situated in the Dutch town Gorinchem, which is located centrally in the Netherlands, a typical trader country. With the large ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam nearby, it is very easy for Double R trading to ship products to those who want to import motorcycles from abroad. If you live in countries that are closer to the Netherlands, like Belgium, Luxemburg or Germany, then you can import motorcycles maybe even more easily, because they can be delivered to you by trucks. If you want to import motorcycles, Double R Trading is a safe bet, because they already have 17 years of experience in doing just this. They have already helped clients from 25 different countries to import motorcycles. If you wish to import motorcycles as well, you can count on many other advantages if you choose to do so with Double R Trading. In order to obtain more information about this renowned company, you can either visit their website by clicking on this link: http://doublertrading.com/import-motorcycle-double-r-trading/121, or continue reading in the paragraph below. Here we have listed all the benefits you can expect if you import motorcycles through this company.

Import motorcycles from The Netherlands – a list of benefits

If you want to import motorcycles, it is wise to consult with Double R Trading about the options. They have a team of 6 expert sales advisors who will be happy to give you all the information you need about the process. As a country with a long history of international trade, most Dutch people speak their foreign languages well, which will of course improve the communication between you. There are some other benefits when you want to import motorcycles through Double R Trading. For your convenience, we have made a handy list of these below.

  • Central location within The Netherlands and Europe
  • Long experience with export and import motorcycles
  • Wide range of brands available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Order of different numbers possible
  • Also supplier of genuine spare parts

As mentioned before, Double R Trading is situated in a perfect location to import motorcycles. With several large international ports nearby, they can easily ship products to all over the world. They have 17 years of experience under their belt and have already done business with suppliers and customers from 25 different countries. They have their own bonded warehouse and can export to countries outside of Europe without having to pay European Import Duties, which is reflected in their prices. They have a large amount and range of motorcycles in stock, from well-known brands such as Ducati, Honda, Suzuki and BMW. If they don’t have the type you wish, they are more than happy to consult their extensive international network to find you the motorcycle of your dreams. They go to great lengths to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Whether you want to purchase just one motorcycle or a whole container full of them, if you are a dealer of motorcycles yourself, they are the right choice for you. If you are looking for spare parts to fix your motorcycle or those of your customers, you can find these in the Double R Trading webshop as well.

Selecting products from the webshop

In order to browse through the webshop, you first need to set up an account. This will only take a minute. Since the company offers such a wide range of products, they have built in several search options to help you find what you need. You can for instance search on type or brand. If you are looking for parts, you can also use your VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. Once you have placed your order, you can also monitor the delivery process online.