Customize your seatbelt guitar straps

overdrivestraps - Seatbelt guitar strapsHaving the best seatbelt guitar straps is something every guitar player dreams about. It may seem like a small thing, but it is important to have a strap for your guitar that meets all the requirements. This means the quality has to be superb and of course, when you order the seatbelt guitar straps you want to have a big range of options to choose from. If that is on your list of demands too, then Overdrive Straps is the place to be for you. They have a wide experience in making the perfect seatbelt guitar straps for you. At the moment it is not possible yet to engrave the straps, but they offer a lot of variety on other fronts and that is certainly making up for it! If you are looking for high quality guitar straps, this is the website that you need to order from. They have different types of guitar straps made with different kind of materials. You can customize the straps with these options:

  • leather
  • hardware
  • belt colour
  • length

Do you have your eye on a specific fabric pattern that you would like to have sewn on your different belt colour? Contact Overdrive Straps, they will let you know if it is possible and what they can do for you.

The different sizes of the seatbelt guitar straps

All the seatbelt guitar straps that they sell on the website of Overdrive Straps are made with high quality materials. The sizes of the straps vary. The seatbelt guitar straps and the retro ones have the standard wearing length of max. 160 cm. The straps are adjustable with a slider and can be a minimum length of 90 cm. Do you need a longer strap, but you want these straps? For a few euro’s extra they can alter this for you to a strap of max. 180 cm. The full leather straps come with different sizes. Do you have any interest in buying those? We suggest that you have a look at the straps of your preference to find out what the exact options are. These vary per strap. If you have any special wishes, you can always contact Overdrive Straps. They love to make the strap you order just the way you like it. They understand how important it is for a musician to have a good guitar strap and that is exactly what they will deliver to you. So place your order today!

The best maintenance for your seatbelt guitar straps

Of course it is necessary to maintain your guitar strap in the best way possible. Especially the ones that are made of leather. It is important that you prevent them from dehydration by greasing the leather every so often. If it shows cracks, you are too late. The same goes for the other seatbelt guitar straps. Make sure you keep them in top shape by using them only in the way that they are supposed to. Do not do anything strange with it. This could damage the seatbelt guitar straps and that is not what you want. Do you want get the most of your seatbelt guitar straps? We recommend always using a strap lock to make sure the strap is securely fastened to your guitar. Of course you can buy those on the website as well! If you are in need of a high quality guitar strap, Overdrive Straps is the place to be. Have a look at what they offer today and place your order. Playing your guitar will get so much better!